About Lumera Productions Inc.

Video Production Company in Victoria, British Columbia

We are a video production and film company offering full film and videography support from concept to completion as well as Live stream and Webcast services. Call us for consultation on the best way to package your project to fit your budget, shoot your project or to help with post-production, duplication and final packaging services.

Lumera Productions can deliver:

  • videography services
  • single and multi-camera productions
  • live-streamed productions
  • conference Services
  • script services
  • scripted factual/documentary productions
  • duplication and final packaging services



  • BC Forest Discovery Centre - Local History Museum in Canada
  • CIPS - Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
  • Claremont Secondary School - School in Cordova Bay, British Columbia
  • Lumera Productions Inc. Client
  • CUSP - Canadian Urban Sustainability Practitioners
  • Delta - Lumera Productions Inc.  Client
  • Lumera Productions Inc. Client
  • The Salvation Army - Christian Church
  • Video Production Company - Lumera Productions Inc. Client
  • Glenlyon Norfolk School - Kindergarten in Victoria
  • Last Door - Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehab Center
  • AFRACB - Lumera Productions Inc. Client
  • Pacific Christian School - Lumera Productions Inc. Client
  • PMI Vancouver Island Chapter - Lumera Productions Inc. Client
  • Public Sector Network  - A Network for Public Sector Professional
  • Reynolds Secondary School - School in Victoria, British Columbia
  • St. Michaels University School - School in Victoria, British Columbia
  • Spectrum Community School - High school in British Columbia, Canada
  • Stelly's Secondary School - School in Saanichton, British Columbia
  • United Nations Association in Canada - Charitable Organization
  • Victoria Symphony - Christian Kluxen, Music Director in Canada