What can FPV do for your brand?

Lumera Productions offers a unique and current video production approach known as FPV (First Person View) drone filming. This method allows for a one-take, fly-through perspective that gives viewers the impression of being familiar with your location. It will enable you to showcase your brand’s personality and friendliness. With our ability to fly indoors, we can make a video that lets your audience imagine themselves in your space, making them feel like they know the place already. This video will be more than just an advertisement - it will get people talking, sharing, and having fun with your business. In today’s digital age, there is the potential for your video to go viral.

Drone Experience

Experience the thrill of the action with our FPV Drone service from Lumera Productions. Our advanced flying techniques can capture magical one-take shots previously impossible with traditional camera equipment.
Our team of skilled and experienced FPV pilots put safety first and follow Canadian Aviation Regulations. We offer various services for film and television, real estate, sports, automotive, adventure courses, and more. Get closer to the action than ever before with our FPV Drone service.
A particular kind of drone called a “cinewhoop” is made for taking fluid, cinematic footage. These drones are often more manoeuvrable and can fly near objects because they are lighter and smaller than conventional film drones. They also have high-quality cameras and gimbals that help stabilize the footage and eliminate camera shakes.

The Process

The process starts with pre-production, establishing the project’s goals and creating a flight plan. We hold a pre-shoot test day to fine-tune talent positions and critical timings for the shots. On shoot day, our team works with talent and crew to ensure a successful outcome. In post-production, we review the footage and begin the stabilization, sound design, colour grading, graphics, and music licensing processes. Finally, we deliver the finished video in your preferred format.
Check out our featured projects to see the range of FPV drone filming we can offer for your brand.

Featured Projects

Wild Play Elements Park

Aerial Adventure in a one take flight through the park around the ropes and obstacles course

Multi-Scene Flight at Sunset Labs